Spiritual Gifts and Comics

I am currently writing a story called “Seven Leagues Further” that is meant to be an exploration on the spiritual gifts, and what they are for. It’s been a long journey from my original intent for this story. In the beginning, my brain-child was that I’d create a story using elements from every dream I … More Spiritual Gifts and Comics


Time to move

Thank you so much to all of you incredibly faithful readers of my WordPress blog, following my unfaithful entries. 😉 I am now going to continue my blogging from Kylart.biz, rendering my WordPress blog dead. It pretty much was dead already, to be honest. Goodbye, skylarksadventures. You were so neglected that I doubt you’ll be … More Time to move

August Newsletter

Hello, Everyone! It pleases me to announce the END of SoCAM 2016! What a crazy six months it has been. As you know, the first three months consisted of the “Lecture Phase” portion of the school, and the last three months were the “Production Phase,” where we put to use our new cartooning knowledge and … More August Newsletter

Figure Drawing!

This week I got to live the dream. Well, maybe not THE dream… But MY dream. 😀 We started the week off with a lesson that I adapted from THIS blog entry: “My life, and a reflection on the art therein.”   I wanted my class to know a bit about me as an artist before … More Figure Drawing!